Mersiha Selmanović

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Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 15:30 - 18:30
DescriptionThe Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an indipended, non-govermental, non-political and non-profit public-legal association of economic subjects and associations (members) from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a 100 year long tradition of existence,. The Chamber´s functions are directed towards development and improvement of economic relations of B&H economy with abroad, including partnership relations and representation of members´ interests against competent B&H bodies and in appropriate associations abroad. The Chamber has a qualification of legal person with rights, obligations and liabilities determined by the Law and Statute.Members of the Chamber are: companies, banks, insurance companies and other legal-economic persons registered for performance of business with abroad on the territory of B&H. Main authorities of the Chamber are: Membership and representation of economy interests (members) in international chamber and professional associations, that is, organizations (ICC, Eurochamber, EAN, FIATA, IRU, activities related to ATA and TIR carnets),representation of the interests of Chamber's members in abroad, directly through its own representative network or through diplomatic and consular network and authorized representatives of Chamber and performance of public authorizations determined by special regulations, acts and resolutions of the competent state bodies.
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CitySarajevo, Branislava Đurđeva 10 Google map
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